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Skin Types

“Is there an adjustment to be expected when using organic products for the first time?”

Many of us may have grown accustomed to the feel, look and function of the synthetic cosmetic products, so natural organic products may take some adjusting to. Synthesis is part of an emerging new standard in beauty care: Organic, natural products that effectively work with our body’s natural renewal processes to promote radiantly beautiful skin that looks and feels healthy. Some people may even go through a ‘detox’ as the body rids itself of accumulated toxins. Drinking plenty of water, exercise and a healthy balanced diet will aid this process. Allow yourself up to a month to adjust to the benefits of natural beauty care. It is worth it!

“How long will it take to see a difference in my skin?”

You may begin to notice visible results immediately such as improved radiance and hydration.  Other noticeable differences will start to appear after three to four weeks of correct and regular use. Results can vary from person to person, dependant upon factors such as skin type, condition and lifestyle factors. The skin has 5 layers in total within the Epidermis. It can take the full cycle from 15 days to 45 days to show the true results of this naturally renewing skin care routine.

“Are Synthesis products anti-aging?”

We are not ‘anti’-ageing – rather we are age-defying, celebrating your unique beauty and evoking your youthful, healthy radiance no matter what your age. There is no point being ‘anti’ a natural process, which only creates an unhealthy tension in the being. Of course, stress, poor diet, too much sun and other environmental factors can cause premature ageing of the skin and dim your natural radiance. The skin is always a reflection of our overall wellbeing, so it is important to address the signs it gives us. By supporting the skin’s natural healing capacity and supplementing it with our nurturing products, we work with you to inspire your age-less beauty.

“What is the percentage of Vitamin C in Brighten Vitamin C Serum?”

The Vitamin C in Synthesis Brighten Vitamin C Serum naturally occurs via our key bio-actives: Emblica, Kakadu Plum (which has the highest levels of naturally occurring vitamin C), Bergamot and Sweet Orange – We do not use Ascorbic acid which is one of the common forms of Vitamin C derivatives in many products on the market and requires levels of up to 30% to get good results. Our bio-actives are potent at much lower % and have multi-faceted results. The optimum % for Emblica according to clinical human trials on caucasian, hispanic, asian and african skin is 2 % to achieve significant lightening, brightening and wrinkle reduction.  Synthesis Brighten Vitamin C Serum includes 2% of Emblica in addition to the other supportive vitamin C-rich and skin brightening ingredients.

“What is the most effective application frequency of the products?” 

Morning and night it is important to cleanse, tone and moisturise. In addition, we can then treat our skin according to the desired benefits.

“Are there any skin types that your products are not suitable for?”

We have created a pure range which works with, not against, the skin’s natural healing function. This means Synthesis is suitable for most skin types with unique organic ingredients chosen specifically to soothe, hydrate, purify, brighten and replenish. Ultimately encouraging a normal skin type to emerge as imbalances are bought into harmony. Please feel free to contact us for specific advice.

“Are there any cautions or concerns for children using the Synthesis products?”

Children would be fine with the Soothe products and the Chakra Balance and Bright Space Aura mist, but the other products may be too active. They won’t harm… but children just don’t need that much stimulation. We also have created a mum and baby range www.firstlightorganics.com especially formulated for babies and children.

“Are Synthesis products safe for use in pregnancy?”

The Synthesis Organic Soothe range of products has been formulated for sensitive skin with only pregnancy and child-friendly ingredients.

Certification / Technical Formulation

“How are Synthesis products preserved?”

We preserve our products using a natural preservative system that combines plant extracts, essential oils, airless packaging and good hygiene during manufacture.

“Are Synthesis products Gluten-free?”

We use no ingredients with gluten.

“What is the main difference between certified organic products from Australia vs certified organic products from other countries?”

A lot of other countries allow a lower % of organic ingredients, and will still certify the products as organic. In Australia, a product has to be at least 95% certified organic ingredients, with the remaining 5% strictly limited to naturally derived. Some other countries still allow synthetic preservatives even in certified organic products. e.g.  Ecocert organic products allow petrochemical preservatives – Benzyl alcohol & Dehydroacetic acid. In Australia, these would only be acceptable if it could be shown that they come from non-petrochemical sources. While this is possible for Benzyl alcohol (although rare), I have not heard of any Dehydroacetic acid that is not derived from petrochemicals. The EcoCert standard makes a specific exemption for both these preservatives. However, the Australian national standard does not. So you will find products that may be EcoCert organic, that would not be permitted to be under the Australian standard.

“When products are 95% – 98% certified organic – what happens to the other 2-5%?”

Producing skin care with over 95% certified organic ingredients is very challenging and not many companies in the world have managed to reach that high a percentage. If a product is just oil or just a hydrosol, it can be 100% certified organic, but the moment a formula becomes more sophisticated, functional ingredients are needed to make the botanicals combine and to preserve them from decay.

To make skincare we need to combine our 100% certified organic botanicals with minerals (such as clay, water, salt, vitamin c) and ‘functional’ ingredients. e.g. to get oil and water to combine into a cream we need to add ’emulsifiers’, to make a mask we add to get essential oils to dissolve into water (or aloe juice in the case of Synthesis products) we need ‘solubilizers’ and to ensure our products are microbe-free we need to add ‘preservatives’ etc.

Minerals such as salt, clay, vitamin c, e, hyaluronic acid etc are 100% pure and natural, but their very structure means they don’t count as certified organic ingredients. They simply are not carbon-based and don’t fall into that classification.

Therefore the 2-5% of Synthesis products that are not ‘certified organic’ are still 100% natural and more than that, have to be processed in a way that doesn’t involve any chemical solvents, animal products or derivatives.

The monitoring of these functional ingredients is one of the key aspects of the certification. Most functional ingredients in commercial skincare are petroleum derived, synthetic chemicals for these functional ingredients e.g. parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, PEG’s etc. These kinds of ingredients are not allowed in certified organic products, or products marked with a bona fide third party certification and the words ‘made with certified organic ingredients’.

To be ‘allowable’ in an organic formula, these functional ingredients have to be natural and have to be processed in a way that doesn’t include the use of chemicals. Thus our ‘emulsifiers’ are derived from Olive Oil and processed completely naturally with no chemical solvents. Our preservatives are 100% natural minerals and vitamins (and certified organic essential oils). Each functional ingredient has to go through a rigorous process with full disclosure of how they are processed, where and from what, to be ‘allowable.’ They have to be individually analysed by the third party organic certifier to make sure they are ‘allowable’ in an organic formula according to the Australian National Organic Standard. This ensures there are no hidden nasties in certified organic products.

“What is the difference between ‘100% natural’ and Certified Organic in relation to skincare?”

The best way to describe this difference is to take the example of a 100% natural non-organic apple and a Certified Organic apple. Both are 100% natural, however, the non-organic apple has most likely been grown exposed to an array of chemical,  fertilisers and pesticides, perhaps from a genetically modified seed. This exposure and origin mean when you consume that 100% natural apple, you are also consuming a myriad of possibly carcinogenic toxins. By choosing a certified organic apple, you avoid exposing your body and your health to all those artificial chemicals. You also receive the benefits of the full array of natural vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients nature intended that apple to carry, fully developed through the strength of its organic growth on a tree rooted in nutrient rich toxin free soil.

“So which would you prefer – 100% natural or Certified Organic?”

Exactly the same principle applies to skincare, which is absorbed into your body just as the food you eat is.

“Is the Brighten Vitamin C Serum for day or night? Can it be used alone, with sunscreen, or does it require an additional moisturiser on top? I have dehydrated combination skin and am 51 yrs old. Would you recommend the Replenish Eye Cream with the Vit C in it for me as well?”

The Vitamin C Serum can be used day and night. In the day sun protection (zinc-based SPF or hat/cover) if exposed to the sun is always recommended. We recommend following the application of the Vit C Serum with either our Soothe Cream or Purify Moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and protected from moisture loss.
Both the Replenish and the Hydrate have vitamin C in them, so it depends on whether you prefer a gel or cream texture. The cream is richer if you have dry skin.